Thoughtless Awareness

The aim of Sahaja Yoga is to enter a state of mind known as Thoughtless awareness. Thoughtless awareness is a state in which we clear are mind of the background noise and allow it to be clear like a mountain stream.

In this state we are free to think about whatever we want but we don't have unwanted thoughts in our mind at all, in other words we have complete control over our mind. Our mind becomes very relaxed yet completely focused on any tasks we need to perform in our daily lives.

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Thoughtless awareness has been described by Buddha and the Sufi's of North Africa as also by Saints in India such as Eknath and Gyanadeva.

This state is a higher state of awareness which bisects the past and the future. Usually human beings are unable to enter the present because the mind is either thinking about the future (Ego) or the past (Superego). Hence we do not feel at peace.

We are never in the Present, hence the saying "live for today" is a myth, an ideal that could never be reached until now.

Ultimately the Future rarely turns out as we had planned or imagined and the Past is what exactly is the point of all this thinking? How can it possibly benefit us?
Of course we need to think to perform our jobs, to achieve something in life, but that thinking is of a different nature to the incessant rambling of the mind. However, a lot of thinking can easily be replaced by intuition and instinct. We often hear people talk of successful people as being instinctive, intuitive or inspired.

Have you ever heard someone say "Oh he thinks a lot, that's why he's so great"? I certainly have never heard this

Furthermore, all this thinking makes us get tired faster, we experience stress, we get angry faster and ultimately all this stress causes health problems.

However, by kundalini awakening, through the practice of Sahaja Yoga, the agnya chakra in the forehead opens and our thoughts are sucked in.
By the opening of the agnya chakra we enter the arena of meditation.

Meditation means thoughtless awareness, please don't let anyone con you into thinking that anything else is meditation. Of course anyone can claim whatever they like (and quite often they do) but that is not going to help you so please be careful.

This thoughtless awareness immediately gives us a feeling of deep peace during our meditation, and this peace remains with us to varying degrees throughout the day. Of course the deeper we go into our meditation, by regular practice, the longer we tend to stay in a semi meditative state all day and eventually we enter an even higher dimension where we are constantly in a deep, joyful and largely thought free existence.

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