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Come with Me

  Did you know there was something to look for? Did you know there was something to find? Were you aware of your unawareness? Did you know that you were blind? I tell you I was looking. Can I tell you what I found? Can I take your hand and lead you on, To where […]

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Listening to the silky sound of Waters, I dance; Watching the enchanted colours of the Earth, I dance; Smelling the freshness of the Air, I dance; Hearing the melody of the breeze caressing the leaves, I dance; Reflecting the beaming lights sparkling through the swirling life-drops, I dance. When my breath follows the Divine breath, […]

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  There are so many joys in this life to be had; So why think yourself into a sorrow? There are so many reasons today to be glad; Then why should you think of tomorrow? The sun’s always shining above the clouds, And night always makes way for morning; So please keep on searching for […]

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Have No Sorrow

  Seated in silent concernment, I gaze upon Her ancient form, Now receding slowly from me. A thousand images She has given us, Bursting suddenly into my now inward looking view, I am one with them all. Avdhut (Photograph courtesy of www.copyrightfree.pictures.org.uk)

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I Just Became Blind

  I just became blind On this path to the formless Self: All that was apart has united. How to make out who others are If “I” and “mine” can’t be defined? That which used to be singled out is no more visible. Resting peacefully on top of the threefold mountain, Above empty illusions, I’m […]

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