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One has to understand that there should be only one craze – to be settled, absolutely settled in your Spirit. You get yourself attached to your Spirit and detachment starts working. Actually, a person who is detached is the most beautiful person, is an extremely loving person, is love. Attachment means death of love, complete […]

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Bharat Tirtha

Oh! Mother, let my mind awake slowly on this sacred shore of the sea. Where great souls of the world have come together to pay reverence. Here with outstretched hands we bow down to the Divine in human form. With bountiful prosody and supreme felicity we adore thee. Behold here, Oh! seeker, the meditative mountain […]

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The Quality of Innocence

“This Innocence is something which is absolute, honest intelligence. It is not that it works for a purpose, some purpose.  It’s absolutely purposeless. And thus, it achieves that height of Joy because there is no purpose in anything.  It sees the futility of all endeavours that we have. It just enjoys.”  “Innocence is … an innate quality, and […]

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From the Book of Prophecies

When the millenium that comes after this millennium ends, men will have finally opened their eyes. They will no longer be imprisoned in their head and in their cities, but will be able to see from one end of the earth to another and understand each other. They will know that what makes one suffer […]

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